DishWorld Website Review & Ratings + DishWorld Coupons
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DishWorld Website Review & Ratings + DishWorld Coupons

DishWorld: Products & Services

Dish World delivers international programming using a broadband internet connection to transmit programs directly to your computer or TV without needing a satellite dish.  This service comes with a free Roku box which is the modem needed to transmit the service to the device.  Dish World provides options for up to three separate streams of data on a family plan.  On Dish World there is a selection of international channels, plus the option to access a number of other channels, such as Netflix or Disney.  It is not necessary to be a Dish customers to join Dish World.  To begin the service, the Roku box is mailed directly to the customer who installs it on their own.  Anyone needing help can call customer service for assistance with setup.

DishWorld: Company Background

Dish began as Dish Network, a division of EchoStar satellite service.  In 2008, Echostar split off Dish into a separte company.  While Dish has struggled at times for membership, they have created a certain amount of distress in the satellite television world with their emphasis on phasing in new types of equipment. 

Of late, the company is involved with many lawsuits due to their Hopper and Hopper with Sling boxes for television.  This is the device that allows companies to skip commercials during television viewing.  In 2012, the company started offering Dish World for those in the United States that wanted to view television from another country.  The current company CEO is Joseph Clayton with founder Charlie Ergen continuing as Chairman of the Board.  Dish is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado.

DishWorld: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are not many reviews on Dish World that I can locate.  What I found were a few that were entered just after the product came on line.  All of these complained of picture freezes with the service.  It seems this must be improved at this point, since I don't see current issues with these complaints.  Plus, the company has received a number of tech awards for the product that makes this system work.  Hopefully, with time there will be more reviews. 

DishWorld: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Dish World is not a member of the Better Business World (BBB).  However, the company, Dish, has a rating by the BBB and it is A- (A minus).  Dish has been covered in the media extensively due to their services and issues with their Hopper device.  Dish's Ruko device has been reviewed in media publications such as CNET and received positive reviews. This company also is featured in the media with many commercials.

DishWorld: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Dish World is not that popular a website. Alexa shows that in the United States the website is rated about 17,900 among all websites in the United States.  The site is mostly accessed by males with some collage at home.  The largest number of viewers come from New York City, a very international city.  About 81% of the viewers come from the United States, followed by India and Pakistan.  Google's Page Rank lists the site as 0/10.  The site has about 2400 viewers per day.

DishWorld: Social Media Presence

Dish World has connections to a number of social networks.  Its Facebook page has about 360 members and there are posts on an infrequent basis.  There is a Twitter page with 45 followers that also posts news about the company on an infrequent basis.  The company also has a connection to Google Plus that is not much used.  Dish World needs to make more use their social media pages.

DishWorld: Website Security & Safety

Dish World uses SSL encryption to transmit payment information over the internet.  The company does keep certain information from a customer's account on file, and will share it with some third party vendors.  A customer can opt out of this if they wish.  Since payments are taken only by credit cards, the payments are fairly secure.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that this site is safe for users from malware and other problems. 

DishWorld: Pricing & Packages

Dish World often offers specials for new customers.  The current special includes a free Roku box but this box does not offer HD.  If you want HD (who wouldn't) you have to pay an extra $50 for an upgraded box.  This is still a discount.  However, the prices I am going to list are those that you pay without any discounts.  It seems customers can chose an options for how many languages they want.  Let's see how Dish World compares:

  • Dish World:  $15 to $40/mo (depends on what language) (12 languages offered)
  • UVerse:  Offers internationa packages (5 languages) from $20 to $35; must be a UVerse user
  • Comcast:  Offers about 15 languages but not to all areas of the country.  Starts at $15/mo plus Comcast service
  • Direct TV:  Offers 5 languages at $22-$99/mo.  Must sign up with Direct TV

Depending on what options you use for television and other media, Dish World is offered at a good price.

DishWorld: Shipping Rates & Policies

To set up Dish World, a customer needs to have a Ruko box shipped to his home.  If the customer wants standard shipping, the cost is free.  This takes 5 to 7 days.  If the customer wants faster shipping, the cost elevates to about $18 and up.  The company does not offer this service out of the United States so their is no international shipping.

DishWorld: Payment Methods Accepted

Dish World accepts only credit cards for payment.  The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Debit cards can also be used provided they are affiliated with one of these credit cards.  Dish World does not accept checks, money orders or other forms of payment including alternative payment methods such as Paypal at this time.

DishWorld: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Dish World's refund policy is spelled out during the checkout process.  Different packages may have different arrangement for terminating your service.  Often, if a service is ended before the special period ends, the price of the package is returned to regular price resulting usually in no refund.  While a customer may cancel at any time, some packages involve the payment of cancellation fees.  It is a good idea to ask about the cancellation policies before you buy the product.

DishWorld: Product images & screenshots
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